El Baraka farmers association

El Baraka was created by farmers in Oued Zem, during the implementation of “Conservation Agriculture for North Africa” (ACIAR, CANA/ICARDA) project in 2013. The objective of El Barraka is to promote No-Tillage and the CA principles in order to improve agricultural productivity in the integrated crop/livestock system. El Barraka is actively involved at linking farmers to farmers’ organizations that are at the decision level and at the implementation of the ministry programs in its region. In addition to that, El Baraka is implicated in research and demonstration trials with INRA and private agro-business companies. The board of members is composed of 17 farmers and they have more than 150 beneficiaries’ farmers.

Association ElBaraka for the no till and conservation agriculture (EL BARAKA)
Souk tnin Oulad Boughadi béni khirane
25350, Oued Zem