Association for Sustainable Agriculture (APAD)

The Association for Sustainable Agriculture (APAD) was founded in December 2006 by a group of Tunisian farmers. The main objective of these farmers was to promote and develop agricultural practices related to CA, for the sustainability of the agricultural production. APAD was born from the desire to organize itself between professionals, in order to promote exchanges and to share experiences on CA based no-tillage and more generally in agriculture. It is therefore a process of actors on the field for sharing information and technical advice and developing adequate agricultural practices, through the organization of field days, the implementation of demonstration trials and the elaboration of leaflets. APAD is a founding member of the 4 for 1000 initiative and will provide its expertise in implementation and monitoring on-farm demonstration trials, conducting field days and FFS.

Association for Sustainable Agriculture; L’Association Pour l’Agriculture Durable (APAD)
20, rue Larbi Kabadi, El Omrane
1005 Tunis