Agriculture, Environment, Development for Future Association (AGENDA)

AGENDA (AGriculture, ENvironment and Development for the Avenir) was created in 2010 by researchers, development personnel and farmers. The objectives of the association are to promote, scale-out and scale-up CA in Morocco. The NGO works closely with research, extension services, farmers’ organizations and private agro-business companies in order to serve small and medium farmers and farmers’ communities to improve their agricultural performance, sustainability and their livelihood. AGENDA has contributed in organizing Farmers’ Field Schools, trainings, field days and surveys with national and international partners in the communities that are active members of the association. AGENDA uses bottom up approach by building community based organizations (CBOs).

Agriculture, Environment, Development for Future Association, Association AGriculture, ENvironnement et Développement pour l’Avenir (AGENDA)
CRRA de Settat – Route tertiaire 1406 – KM 05
26000, Settat